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When is the right time to hire a marketing agency?

When is the right time to hire a marketing agency?

Five Indicators That You Need a Marketing Agency

As your business grows, you’ll find that you have less time, energy, or concentration to complete all your tasks. At this point, savvy business owners begin to train and delegate, building a team that helps their business grow to new heights.

One of the key growth drivers in business is marketing, but it’s often neglected until sales have all but disappeared. Because marketing can be so hard to bring in house and see true results from, many business owners instead choose to simply put it off. We understand — it’s a hard choice.

This article will provide you with five key indicators that it’s the right time for you to hire a marketing agency.

1. When You Need to Focus on Sales

Sales is what drives the entire cycle of your business, allowing you to turn a profit, pay your bills, grow your team, and even build the life of your dreams. Without a strong focus on sales, you’ll have difficulty scaling your business to the size you’re aiming for.

As you grow, you’ll hit a point where you need to choose between investing your valuable time into selling activities or marketing activities. You won’t have enough time for both, but you know that marketing needs to happen in order to keep selling.

This is the perfect opportunity to interview some marketing agencies and hire one to be your marketing partner. By partnering with an agency, you’ll free yourself to focus on what really matters — helping your prospects through their buyer’s journey!

A strong marketing agency will help you refine your strategy, increase your lead flow, and keep your costs competitive. This is the perfect solution to keep your revenue growing while ensuring marketing isn’t neglected.

2. When You Don’t Have Enough Time

Another important moment to consider hiring a marketing agency is when you no longer have the time to do everything in your business. Many business owners already have a salesperson or team in place, but they still are carrying all the marketing, accounting, administrative, and visionary portions of their business.

Eventually, as your business grows, you will physically run out of time to do everything well, no matter how many extra hours you put in each week. This is a great time to partner with an agency, because it will increase the quality of your marketing and free up significant time in your schedule to invest into those other areas. 

By doing this, your business will continue to grow, and you’ll have gained a partner who can keep advising your business for years to come!

3. When Your Time Is Too Valuable

The best business owners know the dollar value of their time, and they know that the smartest thing they can do is to only do tasks that match or exceed their hourly rate.

Marketing is the fuel that fires your entire business, but it is not necessarily the most valuable thing that every business owner should be focusing on.

If you’re finding that marketing tasks and strategy are burdensome, or if they feel like they’re not worth your time to do, then that’s a good sign you need to partner with an agency. You’ll free up more time to focus on higher-value tasks, and you’ll also have a partner you can trust to continue adding fuel to your fire.

4. When You Need to Dial in Your Strategy

Let’s say you’re diving hard into your own marketing. You’re posting on social media every day and have a user-friendly, educational website. You’re publishing YouTube videos and creating Reels every half hour on Instagram. But you’re still not getting the leads you need to scale your business.

Many business owners hit this plateau where the marketing tactics they’re employing aren’t enough any more. This is where the magic of hiring a marketing agency happens. You can provide knowledge and insight from your past marketing endeavors and tap into the strategic perspective of marketing professionals.

The results will be astounding. You’ll watch your business grow as your marketing partner’s strategy unfolds!

If you’re experiencing this friction, don’t push it off. It’s a sign of slower growth, and you need to overcome it to continue towards your goals. 

5. When You Have Sales Friction

Lastly, it’s time to consider hiring a marketing agency if your sales team is creating friction about your leads.

This usually happens in two areas:

  • They need more leads: In this case, the marketing you’re employing simply isn’t effective enough to satisfy the high-drive nature of your sales team. They’re bored, which leads to stagnation and detachment.
  • They need better leads: Here, your marketing is attracting leads, but they’re not aligned with your ideal buyer persona. This frustrates your sales team because they are investing significant energy into people who aren’t qualified to buy.

In both cases, the cure is almost always to partner with a professional marketer. They will analyze your marketing, suggest a strong strategy, help you measure results, and provide sales and marketing alignment.

Your business will grow faster, and your sales team will be happy serving well-qualified leads!

Are You Ready to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Whether your time is too valuable, your current marketing isn’t effective enough, or your sales team is chomping at the bit, there are many reasons to hire a marketing partner to help your business grow.

If you’ve related to any of these points, you’re ready to begin talking with an agency about how they can help.

The Coutts Agency works with organizations like yours every day to help them grow. Please schedule a consultation through the form below, and we’ll begin working together on making your dreams come true!

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