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Successfully growing through the building boom.


Many business owners are worried about how to successfully grow through the building boom. If you’re in the building industry right now, chances are you didn’t see this boom coming last year when COVID-19 shut things down.

Globe News Wire reports that we’re seeing a 9% growth rate. This comes as no surprise if you’re trying to survive the day-to-day velocity of growing that fast while also struggling to source materials.

Marketing and positioning are the last thing you need to be thinking about at this point, right?

Perhaps, but how will making that choice today impact you down the road? 

As this boom continues, a lack of planning and execution now will result in even more chaos and frustration. More good leads slipping through the cracks; more frustrated phone calls at delays which could have been avoided.

Right now, business owners in the building industry are considering these 4 things to successfully grow through the building boom!

1. Leveraging Increased Capital.

In business, there’s almost never enough money to take care of everything.

However, this boom has flipped the script!

The owners we’re talking to are rejoicing over the influx of capital and wisely reinvesting it into cutting-edge websites, new marketing initiatives, and sales training! These initiatives will help maintain long-term growth, even after the boom recedes.

2. For every boom, there’s a bust too.

Let’s face it, we know all too well that the phenomenal growth we’re seeing right now won’t be around forever. When the next decline comes, the choices you make today will determine how successful your business is during it!

Think about it this way – marketing and lead generation isn’t a faucet that you can simply turn off or on as desired. A good Growth Agency will be honest about how long things take. Our experience is it takes 6-12 months of careful planning and testing to really dial in a strong lead generation strategy. 

So, when do you want to make that investment? When business slows down and your crews are standing around?

3. Repositioning can be pivotal to long-term success.

A builder I was chatting with mentioned that they’d recently repositioned their website copy. Once the pandemic started, they identified a need to appeal to a different demographic than before. His logic was quite simple:

It costs a lot more to build today than last year – if you don’t have a budget of $XXX, we cannot help you any more.

We have limited human resources – no matter how many homes we schedule, our constraining factor is how quickly we can actually get them built.

With materials being difficult to source, a pipeline that’s too full can quickly distract us from ensuring the jobs we already are working on get finished efficiently.

Their business is booked solid for the next 18 months. I’d say that repositioning is working out quite well for them. They’re able to make the most out of growing while also ensuring that their quality continues to stay at its absolute best. 

4. Streamlining Marketing, Sales, and Office Functions.

How organized is your office? As your business exponentially grows during this boom, small efficiency problems suddenly become large pitfalls to progress.

The #1 way that The Coutts Agency is helping our clients right now is streamlining their marketing, sales, and office functions!

  • Still using sticky notes and text messages to relay information?
  • Haven’t a foggy clue how many potential leads you could remarket to?
  • Unsure of where exactly your crews are, or if they’re doing what you scheduled them to do that day?

These are the types of questions that we’re helping business owners solve, so they can successfully grow through the building boom.

It’s like you are the missing piece in our business! I wish we’d found you 8 years ago….

Vicki – Commercial & Residential Property Services Business Owner

Aligning marketing, sales, and administrative work, all while focusing on automation and efficiency, is helping business owners get back more time and set up a solid foundation for the long-term growth of their organizations. 

What’s stopping you? Let’s connect to explore where you’re at and how we can help you grow – schedule a meeting today!