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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is complex, ever-changing, and requires continual learning to achieve the best results. Even if you post photos that are good enough to display at a museum, it’s going to take some time to learn the best strategy to promote your work on Instagram, Facebook, and any other platform.

While doing social media marketing, I’ve learned the following tips that you can use to enhance your social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. 


Here are three tips to get you started using Facebook for marketing. 

1. Fill Out Your Page’s Information

One of the most critical pieces to successfully market on Facebook is completing your business page’s information. You need to include the following:

  • Your company’s contact information
  • Store hours, if applicable
  • A link to your website
  • A call-to-action button with a working link
  • An SEO-optimized page description

All the information that’s applicable to your business should be filled out. Below, you’ll see the “About” tab on The Coutts’ Agency’s Facebook page for reference. 

Social Media Marketing

2. Avoid Hashtags

One of the stranger things I have discovered on Facebook is that hashtags can either hurt, boost, or do neither for your posts. It’s difficult to gauge what hashtags will do for a particular page or post. The algorithm does what it wants to do.

Since the algorithm can be unpredictable, it’s better to play it safe by avoiding hashtags. This will lower your risk of losing impressions, engagements, or post clicks.

3. Post Consistently

Posting consistently is key to growing your Facebook audience. Consistency shows viewers that they can keep coming back to your page for more information about what you offer. These posts can include infographics about your offerings or even well-crafted memes if they’re a part of your marketing strategy.


Instagram is another powerful social media platform for marketing. See the following three tips to learn how to market with it successfully. 

1. Turn Story Highlights and Videos Into Reels

If you haven’t posted for a week, a Reel can easily regain the traction you had previously. This is because Instagram is pushing new video content like Reels to compete with TikTok.

The easiest way to make a Reel is to start a Story Highlight Collection on your profile. These highlights archive stories you’ve shared for posterity. You can also easily turn them into a short Reel to share with your followers.

2. Remember Location Tagging

If your business thrives in a local market, you should take advantage of tagging the geographic location of your business and surrounding areas. Using this feature gives potential customers in your area the ability to find your business by searching under locations. This grants you the audience of every local individual who uses Instagram.

3. Use Pertinent Hashtags

When posting on Instagram it’s important to use relevant hashtags. For instance, posts about Domino’s Pizza shouldn’t have hashtags about Pizza Hut. Unrelated tags can dissuade some customers or viewers from continuing to follow your page.

One Thing to Remember When Cross-Posting Between Facebook and Instagram

You shouldn’t cross-post everything between Facebook and Instagram. If you post from Instagram to Facebook, you’ll have hashtags on Facebook which you’ll need to delete. If you cross-post from Facebook to Instagram, you’ll have to add the missing hashtags.

Cross-posting everything between accounts removes the incentive for followers from one platform to follow you on the other. Offer something different on both Facebook and Instagram each time you post to increase engagement rates from your followers.

The only content that you should cross-post are time-sensitive announcements like promotions.

Navigating Ever-Changing Platforms With Help From The Coutts Agency 

Every platform is continually changing its algorithms. With the above tips, you can begin to understand the steps necessary to formulate your own social media marketing strategy. Be on the lookout for published updates from the platforms you market on and build those into your strategy.

If you end up needing help, reach out to The Coutts Agency. We can help you build and implement the marketing strategy that best serves your business.

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