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Social Media Management and Growth

A strong social media presence is necessary in today’s market. Billions of people around the world spend hours per week on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms connecting with friends, checking the news, and enjoying downtime. 

This makes social media a goldmine for reaching customers with your products and services. But successfully using social media to reach your ideal demographic involves more than creating an account, posting a link to your website, and waiting for the sales to roll in. You’ll simply get lost among all the other companies that are doing the same thing.

You need a calculated approach to achieve success in social media marketing. And for that, you need to partner with professionals who know how to create marketing strategies and successfully execute marketing tactics with the best results possible.

Social Media Management Pricing and Packages

The Coutts Agency offers three pricing packages for our social media management and growth services.


Our Awareness Package is an affordable first step toward achieving great results for your business’s social media growth.


  • Complete profile setup
  • Targeted hashtag and location research
  • Message and comment monitoring
  • Posts — 3 times per week
  • Instagram growth — 3 times per week


If you want to take a more aggressive approach to your social media gameplan, then the Growth Package is for you.



  • Complete profile setup
  • Targeted hashtag and location research
  • Message and comment monitoring
  • Posts — 3 times per week
  • Stories — 3 times per week
  • Instagram growth — 5 times per week


Our Catalyst Package will achieve the most aggressive social media growth results for your business.



  • Complete profile setup
  • Targeted hashtag and location research
  • Message and comment monitoring
  • Posts — 7 times per week
  • Stories — 5 times per week
  • Instagram growth — 5 times per week

What Does Every Package Include?

Strategy Planning Guide

When you partner with The Coutts Agency, we’ll create a strategy planning guide that keeps you in the loop on how we’re approaching your social media profiles. The keys to successful social media growth are knowing who you’re posting for and how to get your content to reach the most qualified people as possible. We’ll discover your ideal buyer persona, research relevant industry hashtags, and perform location research to ensure your profiles are as successful as possible.

Monthly Video Reports

The Coutts Agency compiles each month’s data and statistics into an easy-to-read document. We take this a step further by giving you monthly video reports that break down the information included in the analytics document. Gone are the days of confusing data and wondering how your accounts are actually performing. We use monthly video reports to make this step as easy and efficient as possible for you and your business.

Affiliate Marketing
Professional Account Management

We’ll take over your social media accounts, respond to messages and comments, and professionally build your brand through relationship marketing. Today’s buyers want to feel a connection with the businesses and brands they’re giving their money to. The Coutts Agency will guide your profiles to foster those relationships and help buyers see your company in a positive light. 

Profile Creation or Optimization

Wherever your business is on its social media journey, The Coutts Agency will meet you there. Need to create and start growing your profiles from the ground up? No problem. Have an existing social media profile but haven’t achieved the results you’d hoped for? We can help optimize your existing accounts. New or old, profiles or no profiles — we’re ready to get you the social media results you’re looking for. 

Benefits of Our Social Media Packages

Here are the benefits our social media clients enjoy:

  • Increased brand awareness: People engage with businesses on social media that they’re familiar with. We’ll use your profiles to cultivate your brand in the eyes of your followers so they’ll know what your brand is and where it fits in the market. 
  • A humanized brand: Human connections are key in social media growth. Customers today are craving that human connection before they feel confident in making a purchase. We’ll make sure your profiles have the right personality while interacting with other social media users. 
  • Authority in your industry: Today’s customers thoroughly educate themselves before making a purchasing decision. In fact, a majority of today’s buyers decide to purchase a product or service from a company before contacting their sales team. This is directly tied to the company’s perceived authority and recognizable brand. By answering customer questions and posting helpful, relevant information on your social media pages, we can establish your company as a thought leader online. 
  • Relevance: Social media is one of the best places to market to today’s buyers. But it’s also fast-paced, and many companies will be vying for the attention of their ideal customer. Our social media services ensure you stay relevant with consistent posts and activity to keep your company and brand image fresh in people’s minds. 
  • More leads: At the end of the day, our goal is to generate more leads so you can increase your sales. Our social media packages will make your products and services more accessible to qualified buyers, which can translate into more sales inquiries and conversions. 

What’s It Like to Work With The Coutts Agency?

Social Media Marketing Agency Owner

Working with The Coutts Agency means you’ll be working with professionals who care about your business growth. We set ourselves apart from other agencies with our individualized approach. We know that social media growth needs more than a “one size fits all” scheme. We take the time to understand your business, your brand, and your ideal customer to help you reach your full potential. 

One of our greatest strengths is our commitment to providing unparalleled communication to each of our clients. This includes PDF reporting, video reporting, and fast responses when you have questions or need to reach out to us. We’re committed to simple, transparent communication, giving you more peace of mind throughout your company’s social media growth process.

Our team is professional and friendly, so you can be sure that working with us will be a pleasure. Our goal is your success, and we strive to give a fulfilling experience to every client we have the pleasure of working with.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been seeking the assistance from The Coutts Agency for almost a year now, and have seriously been able to watch my business grow because of their help!! I’m brand new to business ownership, and did not expect to see growth this quickly!! Social media has never been more than for pleasure, and navigating the hurtles that come with changing over to a business mindset for the internet would have been exhausting without help!
AJ, I really appreciate you sir!! Keep up the hard work and dedication to your craft! Your customers see it, and I promise it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

John Cook, Owner John Cook – Magic Vacations

Choose The Coutts Agency for Exceptional Social Media Management and Growth

At The Coutts Agency, we’re committed to your business’s success. That means having a strong social media game plan to reach new customers and keep your current ones engaged. 

Whether you’re new to social media or have been in the game a while, we can get you the results you’re looking for. We’re excited to get to know you, answer your questions, and start achieving strong results for your business. 

Schedule a consultation with us today to take the next step. And if you want to learn more about how to use social media to grow your business, check out our Facebook and Instagram Growth Guide and our other blog posts for more information!