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How to Easily Advertise Guns Online with Topple

A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising Guns Online with Topple

If the idea of online advertising for guns seems foreign to you, I’m not surprised. 

Truthfully, I think everyone inside of the firearms, hunting, and outdoors industries are frankly just used to the abuse that big-tech platforms give us. Even when we do abide by their terms of service, their true agenda shines clearly as they continue to unnecessarily restrict our content (and freedoms). 

Tired of the big-tech abuse? 

Me too – that’s why I’m telling everyone I know about Topple! Keep reading and I think you’ll understand why I’m so excited…

You can advertise guns online? No way…

If you told me in 2022 that we’d be able to easily run digital ads for gun companies within a year, I’d have told you there’s literally no way that’s happening… 

As a firearms, hunting, and outdoors marketing agency owner it’s literally my job to know about anything that could benefit our clients, to help bring them more success for their investment. There was nothing on my radar even remotely close to enabling us to digitally advertise firearms. 

So, when someone shared an email from Topple with me in 2023, and mentioned they’d already been around for a few years, I was floored. 

How could we have our heads in the sand so far on this? 

You see, Topple represented everything that my client’s have always dreamed of – an easy-to-use, truly restriction-free way to place ads about the products and services they provide. 

However; there was one large question that needed to be answered… 

Does Topple actually work? 

I had to know, so I booked a call with their team immediately. From the first call with Ashley, I knew there was something authentic about what was happening inside Topple. Since then, I’ve been privileged to get to know Brian (the CEO), and my confidence in running ads on Topple has only increased. 

It took more than six months of proposing the opportunity presented by Topple before a client was willing to “take the risk” on a new platform. But, I knew this was going to be worth it, so we kept promoting Topple until we got that first “YES!”. 

And wow – were we surprised with the results… 

Within THREE days of launching our ads, and with a total spend of less than $200, they’d already received over 150,000 impressions AND generated 500 clicks to the site. 

Since the success of that first campaign, I am truly a believer that Topple is a game-changing opportunity for any restricted industry.

Why is Topple the best choice for Advertising Guns Online?

If you’re going to advertise something like guns online, you want to know that your dollars are being well spent. As I got to know Topple, I became increasingly convinced that they’re truly different from other “big tech” companies.


Topple is the first and largest firearms-friendly digital advertising platform

Topple was born out of Brian’s desire to serve black-listed companies that big tech didn’t want to work with. You see, as a former key-member of a huge digital ads firm, Brian was well aware of both what it takes to run amazing ads AND that there was a whole segment of the market that was being shunned by tech companies. 

[Post a picture of a naked girl and the algorithm loves you…post an image of a gun and you’ll be banned for life…🙄] 

As I learned Brian’s story, I came to see just how perfectly the idea of Topple could play out. A former advertiser builds a restriction-free ads platform? That’s a match made in heaven! 

So while I’m normally skeptical about anything that’s first-to-market, I could tell Brian was truly qualified to bring this idea to life when he launched the first firearms-friendly digital ads platform. 

And to be honest, Topple has accomplished quite a bit in just three years! In fact, in 2023 Topple was able to influence over $31 Billion in consumer spending for restricted spaces like the firearms industry! 

I could be wrong here, but I think that makes Topple the largest firearms-friendly digital advertising company in the world.

Where does Topple publish their digital ads?

It seems like everyone I meet wants to know where Topple’s ads are actually published. 

Is Topple another social media platform? No. 

Does topple serve ads through Adsense? Definitely not, but Topple IS like a smaller, censorship-free, version of Google Ads. 

Can I pick the exact websites my Topple ads will be displayed? Sometimes, but Topple’s Private Marketplace (PMP)  is only available to Managed Service advertisers at the moment. 

The easiest way I’ve found to describe Topple is that it’s Google Ads without the restrictions. They’re going to sites that align with the advertiser’s values and then negotiating Ad placements on those websites. 

Basically – they’re kicking Google to the curb and putting ads from freedom-loving companies in their place. #merica 

But – since everyone likes some details, here you go. Topple’s publisher network includes thousands of display and video ad zones on sites like ARFCOM, Ammoland, Gun Digest, RECOIL, The Blaze, The Federalist, Pew Pew Tactical, and more. 

If you check out Topple’s homepage you’ll see a number of HUGE brands utilizing Topple, such as:

  • Magpul
  • On X Hunt
  • My Pillow
  • Brownells

 Let me assure you – if brands like those are running ads on Topple, you can trust that those ads are being displayed in the right places.

How much does it cost to run ads on Topple?

Before we get any further, I probably should address the next question you’re thinking – how much does it cost to run ads on Topple? 

If those big brands are doing it, it’s probably beyond what I can afford, right? Nope!

 You can run digital ads for guns (and almost anything else) on Topple for just $20 per day. That is extremely affordable, in my opinion.

 If you’re a marketer who does have a larger budget, rest assured that Topple has a lot of different options, including discounted monthly advertising subscriptions!

 When it comes to making a wise investment on behalf of a client, one of the things that I put a lot of emphasis on is how “scalable” a solution is. Simply put: if this thing is working, can we do A LOT more of it and continue getting compounding results?

 With all the advertising options that Topple offers, it’s really easy for us to test an idea with a low budget, get the data we need, and then ramp up the aggression exponentially. Because Topple’s network is constantly expanding, there’s almost no cap on how much we can invest to keep getting results!

How to advertise firearms and ammo on Topple

Despite how much I’ve focused on it, Topple is about a lot more than just advertising guns, ammo, and other related products. It’s actually open to basically anything that’s legal in the location it’s being advertised, with the exception of adult entertainment (so basically Topple is the opposite of all the other big tech companies 😁).

 Because there’s really many different types of products and services being advertised through Topple, you may be wondering (like I was) how it’s possible for Topple to actually put your firearms-related ads in front of the right audience.

 The great news here is that you don’t have to ask that question, because I already did! Here’s the answer I got from Brian:

Our data rich audience targeting means we can find users who index highly for an interest in firearms regardless of what site they’re consuming content on, but Topple also boasts the largest network of firearms and hunting specific sites anywhere on the market.

It’s like a grand slam – your digital firearms ads are going to be shown to people who are interested in guns (based on data they have publicly shared) AND very likely that’s going to be on sites that are firearms related.

 And guess what? If a firearms enthusiast is reading the news on a Topple-supported site that isn’t about guns? Yeah they’re going to see your gun-related ads there too!

 So, are you ready for a taste of digital advertising freedom? 

Choose a Topple Partner to Advertise your Guns and Ammo

Topple offers an amazing Partner Program to agencies like mine, in order to help people get the most out of their digital advertising investment. 

Basically, agencies tend to be very good at running digital advertising campaigns, even ones like mine that focus primarily in restricted spaces. In fact, we keep a portion of our client-base in unrestricted industries just so that we can keep our advertising skills sharp! Because we do marketing all day, every day, for many clients, we generally have a lot more experience to lean on when crafting the perfect ad. 

Here’s a few reasons why a Topple Partner may be perfect for you:

  1. You love the idea of Topple but are intimidated by the complexities of digital advertising.
  2. You see that Topple is a viable advertising model, but you need a marketing solution that includes Topple AND other growth channels (such as SEO).
  3. You don’t have time to do your marketing but are convinced that Topple is where your products need to be advertised.
  4. You want access to the additional features and beta programs that only clients of Topple Partners get access to 😉

 Is a Topple Partner right for you? I invite you schedule a meeting with directly with me to learn more.

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