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Digital Marketing for Gun Shops

As a gun shop owner, you know that marketing your products and services online can be difficult. It can seem that social media and search engine algorithms work to lower your traffic and exposure. Perhaps you’ve even faced kickback from some of your physical marketing efforts due to today’s social climate. 

The Importance of Marketing for Your Gun Shop

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, but you need the right strategy to get positive results. That’s where The Coutts Agency comes in. You can exponentially scale your gun shop through digital marketing, and we’re your partner to make it happen.

Whether you’re a new gun shop looking to scale quickly or an existing gun store wanting more growth and a stronger online presence, marketing is the key to achieving your goals. Marketing helps your potential customers know you exist so they think of you when the time comes to buy a gun, a firearm accessory, or a service that you offer. But good marketing can also achieve another goal — reminding people of their liberties and their right to bear arms. 

Many of today’s politicians and lawmakers purposely stoke the fires of controversies surrounding guns. They want fewer citizens to live freely by engaging in responsible gun ownership as sovereign citizens. Although we live in a country where citizens have the right to bear arms, your gun shop has to deal with various advertising laws that make marketing your products and services online seem impossible. 

As a freedom-loving gun store owner, you can use tried-and-true marketing techniques to increase your exposure online, rank higher in the search engine results pages, and help people know that they have a local gun store that is ready to help them live freely according to the 2nd Amendment.

Our goal at The Coutts Agency is to help gun stores grow by implementing a set of robust online marketing techniques. Here are five ways we do this for our gun store clients:

Five Ways We Drive Growth for Gun Stores

Digital Marketing for Gun Shops

Our goal at The Coutts Agency is to help gun stores grow by implementing a set of robust online marketing techniques. Here are five ways we do this for our gun store clients:

Strategy and Implementation for Gun Shop Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing may seem foreign to you. Or perhaps you’ve been trying a digital marketing strategy but have seen few results. We want to help you experience the benefits of skillful digital marketing for your gun shop by handling the entire process for you, from strategizing to implementing the techniques that will drive the best results. 

Here are some of the ways we lay the foundation for future success by handling your gun shop’s digital marketing strategy and implementation:

Successful marketing starts with the right foundation and continues with resilient marketing implementation. We’re ready to start the process for your gun shop to help you achieve your growth goals.

A Fully Optimized Website for Your Gun Shop

Besides having a solid strategy, ensuring you have a fully optimized website is the bedrock of your gun store’s digital marketing campaign. When people find your website, they should discover an easy-to-navigate site that clearly gives them their next step to take, wherever they are in their conversion life cycle. 

Your website should provide educational resources, detailed product listings, and excellent images (and videos, when applicable). You’ll also want to optimize your site for mobile devices, as many of your potential buyers may find it for the first time while browsing on their smartphone. 

Our team is ready to make your website the best it can be so that people take your gun store seriously. After that, the rest of your digital marketing strategy will be set to flourish and convert more leads into sales.

A Complete Google Business Profile for Gun Shops

Once you have a fully optimized website, you need to make sure people can find it when they search for gun stores near them on Google. You need a Google Business Profile (GBP), which is the key to attracting more local traffic through your shop’s front door by helping you rank higher in the search engine results pages while providing immediate, actionable information. 

Your GPB will help connect you with potential customers in your area who are searching for the products and services you sell. It will share the information you provide, including your gun shop’s location, a link to your website, pictures, customer reviews, and more. With a push of a button, customers can visit your website, learn more about you, and even load your address into their phone to arrive at your store within minutes. 

The benefits of having a GBP are many, as they can increase online and in-person traffic to your gun shop. That’s what makes it such a crucial part of a successful digital marketing campaign.

A Complete Google Business Profile for Gun Shops

A Strong Gun Shop Social Media Presence

Over 3 billion people use social media worldwide. If you lack social media accounts for your gun store or you’ve failed to use it successfully to generate growth, then you’re missing out on putting your firearm’s business in front of thousands of potential customers.

But how can this happen when social media blocks your attempts at advertising your products on their platforms?

The answer is to use a strong, organic social media strategy that combines trendy content with store-specific content. By staying active on social media and posting engaging, high-quality, and relevant content, you’ll gain more followers and become a source of firearm education for people who want to learn more. You’ll also raise awareness for your gun store, causing more locals to walk through your door when it’s their time to buy a gun.

Email Marketing for Gun Stores

Email marketing is still a great way to market your gun shop online. It’s a cost-effective strategy that puts your content directly in the inbox of your subscribers. 

But you actually need subscribers before you can reach people via your email marketing efforts. We can help you grow your subscriber list by making engaging content that persuades potential buyers to fill out forms to stay in the loop with your gun shop. 

Here are some examples of what you can share with email marketing:

Your followers will remember your gun shop every time they receive one of your emails. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, your gun shop will be at the top of their minds. This is especially true for gun stores that offer loyalty programs to keep people coming back into your shop every time they have a firearm-related need, increasing their lifetime customer value.

Actual Results for Gun Shop Marketing

Coutts Agency Gun Shop Analytics

At The Coutts Agency, we have experience helping gun stores achieve digital marketing success. Here are some numbers that show how one year of our efforts helped one gun store experience tremendous online growth:

  • Increased page and post engagements by 618%
  • Increased link clicks by 341%
  • Increased post reach by 552%
  • Increased likes by 2,200% and comments by 2,100%
  • Increased overall reach by 4,311%

The above numbers took some time to achieve. But once the compounding effects of our efforts took hold, it started to translate into incredible physical growth, as well. After aggressively scaling their social media analytics, the gun shop went from a low six-figures revenue to surpassing $3 million in less than half a decade. 

We were able to help this gun store grow so much by doing what we do best — helping gun shops dominate social media and Google in their local markets. For instance, this gun shop operated in the owner’s house for over two years when it first started. When he opened his first physical location, he had a line 100 yards beyond the front door for six hours. His robust social media presence translated into physical growth. 

When he opened his second location, nearly 3,000 people attended the opening day block party. This shows the true power of strong branding, and we achieve that for our gun store clients every day with our digital marketing expertise.

The Importance of Partnering With a Marketing Agency That Understands the Firearms Industry

How do we get these results for our gun store clients? It’s because we actually care and are experienced and connected within the firearms industry. You need to partner with a marketer that truly believes in your cause as a local gun shop. Because let’s face it — with the way the advertising restrictions are, the process is going to be difficult. You need a marketing team that is passionable about your gun store’s success, and that’s exactly what we are at The Coutts Agency

Here’s what we bring to the table for all our gun store clients:

AJ and Ricky

A Founder Who Is Passionate About Firearms

AJ Coutts, founder and owner of The Coutts Agency, has been a firearms enthusiast his whole life. He has been an active gun owner and user since he was 21 years old. In the years since then, he’s actively engaged in safety courses and training to stay sharp and continue investing in his passion.

A Background That Gives Us Industry Credibility

Before starting his marketing business, AJ gained sales and marketing experience in the firearms industry. He developed a vast network of relationships with people in the industry during that time, relationships he’s maintained and fostered. AJ has firearms industry credibility that has earned The Coutts Agency partnerships with firearms manufacturers as well as gun stores.

A Team of Firearm Enthusiasts

A sizable portion of our team also has years of firearm industry experience, including bloggers and firearms testers. We’re fierce supporters of the 2nd Amendment. When you choose The Coutts Agency as your gun store marketer, you’re choosing a team of firearms enthusiasts and advocates.

The Coutts Agency Team

Choose The Coutts Agency to Market Your Gun Shop

We’re ready to be your marketing partners. We’ll do the strategizing and implementation needed for success. Yes, we’re a marketing firm. But we’re also like a chief marketing officer, inviting you to lean on our knowledge to create a comprehensive approach that increases your marketing efforts both online and in-person. We’re passionate about marketing for gun stores, and you can be sure we’ll bring that energy and motivation to everything we do for your gun store. 

Contact us today to take the next step toward achieving exponential growth for your gun store. Or, fill out the contact form below — your gun shop’s growth is just on the other side of the “submit” button!

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