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Digital Marketing for Firearms Companies

Firearms companies have a few hoops to jump through when it comes to marketing their products online. The good news is that successful online marketing for firearms companies is achievable for your business with the right approach. 
The Coutts Agency is here to help your firearms company achieve new levels of growth and success with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

The Importance of Marketing for Your Firearms Company

Marketing is a key component for driving sales in any industry. With digital marketing, you can rapidly scale your firearms company to meet increasing demand. 

Whether you’re an established name in the firearms manufacturing sector or you’re a new firearm company looking to find your niche on the national level, marketing is how you’ll achieve your goals. With digital marketing, you can grow your brand identity and help your ideal buyers across the country find your business. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, you’ll be at the top of their list. 

Before you reach those newfound levels of marketing and sales success, it’s important to know what you’re up against. Big tech companies — the ones you rely on for digital marketing — have imposed strict advertising regulations on firearms companies. One simple mistake can lead to your posts being removed or pushed further down people’s feeds because of the algorithm that’s fighting against you. 

All these regulations make marketing your firearms company tricky, to say the least. But that’s where The Coutts Agency comes in. Our tried-and-true marketing techniques will help you rank higher in the search engine results pages and increase your online exposure, whether you sell to gun stores around the country or directly to consumers.

Six Ways We Drive Growth for Firearms Companies

Digital Marketing For Firearms Companies

At The Coutts Agency, we focus on six robust online marketing techniques to help firearms companies grow.

Strategy and Implementation for Firearms Company Digital Marketing

Our team is ready to handle the entire digital marketing process for your firearms company. From the strategizing phase to implementing our tried-and-true techniques, we can drive the kind of results you need to grow and succeed. 

Here are a few of the ways we lay a solid foundation for your business’s future success when we handle your firearm company’s digital marketing strategy and implementation:

Fully Optimized Website for Your Firearms Company

After developing your strategy, we will create a fully optimized website to serve as the foundation for your entire national digital marketing campaign. Your ideal buyers exist throughout the country, and having a fully optimized website will ensure you’re ready to meet their needs the moment they find you. 

Your ideal buyers want to see a website that is easy to navigate and helps them understand the next step they should take to find what they’re looking for and achieve their goals. We will build your firearms company a website that does this in the following ways:


Today’s buyers do most of their own research before reaching out to businesses for more information. We will help you craft a robust resource center for potential customers so they can develop trust in your brand and get closer to a sale. 

Lead generation

As a firearms company with a national customer base, one of the main goals of your website will be to generate more leads for your business, whether you sell B2B or B2C. 

Conversion optimization

Converting leads into sales is the key to successful marketing. We will employ various conversion strategies on your website, including form submissions, information gathering, and more. 

Dealer Inquiry Page

Where applicable, your website should be specifically targeting dealers who will sell your firearms company’s products. By including a dealer inquiry page on your website, you will provide a stronger conversion point for dealers who are interested in what you have to offer.

We’re ready to create the best website possible for your firearms company. With a fully optimized website from The Coutts Agency, you’ll be equipped to gain more leads and convert those leads into sales.

Professional Photography and Videography

Professional Photography and Videography

You need professional photo and video content if you want your national marketing strategy to be a success and elevate you above your competition. 

The Coutts Agency performs all our own professional-level photography and videography. This has become one of our most popular services for our firearms company clients, and the results have been outstanding. 

Here’s what we bring to the table for our firearms company clients:

  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Production of professional, high-quality YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook content
  • Photography and videography for Reels, moving graphics, and still images
  • Staged content

From content planning to execution, we can create the best content for your firearms company. By handling the planning, producing, and proofing stages in-house, we can guarantee extremely high-quality assets. 

Making your own content can be difficult to do the right way. Let us make it easy for you by handling all your photography and videography needs.

Strong Firearms Company Social Media Presence

With millions of people across the United States using social media, you need to start tapping into that market to raise awareness for your brand on a national level. Whether you have yet to launch your social media pages or you already have some set up, The Coutts Agency is here to help your firearms company thrive on social media.

The three main social media platforms we use when marketing for firearms companies are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We understand how the algorithms work and get your posts in front of more people by combining trendy content with content that is specific for your brand and products. By posting consistent, high-quality content and actively engaging with followers across social media platforms, you’ll become a source of firearms education while gaining more followers in the process. 

We will help you use social media to raise awareness for your firearms company on a national level. That way, you can stay at the top of dealers’ minds and solidify your brand in the firearms sector.

Firearms-Related Education and Influencers

There are two crucial pieces if you want your firearms company to thrive on the national level — education and influencers. The Coutts Agency is ready to help your business in both areas. 

While you can offer education in text form, like on social media and website blog posts, more consumers are relying on video for their education than ever before. We will create content for your YouTube channel, making it people’s trusted source of information about your products. We can also use the power of video content to announce new products, answer common questions, showcase product teasers, and provide in-depth details on your products. People all over the country will grow to know your brand through your company’s video content. 

We partner influencers on various social media platforms to help our firearms company clients reach a larger national audience and gain brand recognition. By sending a product to an influencer in exchange for content created about it, you can raise awareness of your product and help it gain a positive reputation in the firearms community. 

At The Coutts Agency, we’re continuously forging relationships with influencers who can provide value to firearms companies like yours. We only partner with honest, unbiased third-party influencers who create their own content as they see fit. No bribing here. Unlike other marketing agencies who pay for positive reviews and manipulate content, we only check the influencer’s content for accuracy and honesty before posting. 

Our goal through creating educational YouTube videos and forging relationships with influencers is to set your firearms company up as one that can be trusted, respected, and worth following.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to nationally market your firearms company. It’s a cost-effective method that puts your company directly into inboxes so you stay fresh in people’s minds. This is crucial for driving sales, especially when you’re not the party directly selling your products. 

Here are some of the ways we use email marketing to grow your firearms company:

  • Educational content
  • Upcoming sales
  • New product announcements
  • Product reviews
  • High quality videos and pictures
  • Dealer locations

Your subscribers will remember your firearms company every time they receive an email from you. Then, when it’s time to make a purchase, they will find one of your dealers or even become one of your dealers to offer your product to their customers who are demanding it.

Actual Results for Firearms Industry Marketing

The Coutts Agency has experience helping firearms companies succeed in their digital marketing efforts. Whatever stage of your marketing journey you’re on, we have the tools and techniques needed to help you achieve growth and recognition in your industry. 

One of our clients had been in business for nearly a decade, but they were relatively obscure on a national level. Despite their low recognition, they manufactured an amazing product that was truly top of their class. Since partnering with us, they’ve achieved national-level recognition and widespread acclaim.

Actual Results for Firearms Industry Marketing

They’ve partnered with influencers to talk about their unique products and established a dealer network that is growing at a rapid rate. And it’s all because people around the country are expressing excitement toward seeing their product in their local gun shop. This is only possible through a strong internet marketing campaign. 

Today, that same company is expecting their largest turnout at SHOT Show yet, after only a year of investing in our marketing strategies. They’re expanding as a company, buying new machinery, and stockpiling more materials because they know they can sell what they produce and meet the rapidly growing demand. New research and development is currently underway for this firearms company, because our marketing strategies have shown they can solve new problems for consumers by bringing the right products to market. 

We’re ready to help your firearms company experience a success story of its own!

The Importance of Partnering With a Marketing Agency That Understands the Firearms Industry

AJ Coutts Firearm Enthusiast
We are able to get outstanding results for our firearms company clients because we truly care about this industry. We have firearms experience of our own and are deeply connected throughout the industry. And with all the advertising regulations that stand in your way, you need to partner with a marketer who truly cares about your business and is passionate about getting it in front of more people.
At The Coutts Agency, we’re excited about helping your firearms company achieve greater success at the national level. Here’s what we have to offer as your firearms company marketing partners:
  • Passion for firearms: Our founder, AJ Coutts, has been passionate about firearms all his life. An active gun owner since he was young, AJ spends his time engaging in firearms training, keeping his skills sharp, and continually investing in his love for the industry.
  • Industry credibility: AJ has spent years developing a vast network of relationships with people throughout the firearms industry. His firearms credibility has earned him the respect of firearms clients as well as business professionals across the country.
  • A team of firearm enthusiasts: Many of our team members also possess significant firearms experience, including firearms testers and bloggers. We strongly support the 2nd Amendment and let that motivate our efforts for each of our firearms clients. If you want a team of marketers that are firearms enthusiasts and advocates, then choose The Coutts Agency.

Choose The Coutts Agency for your Firearms Company Marketing

The Coutts Agency Team is ready to strategize and implement the best marketing plan for your firearm company’s success. We’re a marketing agency, but we’re also so much more than that. Let us be your chief marketing officer that will work with you every step of the way. 

We invite you to lean on your knowledge to create a marketing approach that will ensure you reach the most potential customers nationwide. We’re passionate about marketing for firearms companies, and we bring that motivation and every to everything we do for your firearms company. 

If you’re ready to scale and invest in a national-level strategy, then we’re ready to help you aggressively grow your brand. Fill out the form below and get ready to see real results!

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