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Building an Engaged Network on Alignable

Building an Engaged Network on Alignable

How to Attract New, Targeted Customers Through Alignable

Alignable — it’s the social media platform for business owners that you’ve never heard of. Because it’s overshadowed by LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and a million other social platforms, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

If you’ve never heard of Alignable, then that means that you’re missing out on fantastic opportunities to network and attract leads. Let’s explore how Alignable will help your network and business explode!

Why Do You Need to Be Active on Alignable?

First, let’s discuss why being active on Alignable is so important. You may be thinking, “Great, another social media platform that I should be on. Who has the time for that?”

Honestly, I agree with that sentiment. Your time is extremely valuable, and you should only use it on high value things. As the founder of The Coutts Agency, I’ve seen how Alignable has become one of our most productive lead-generation sources. I spend an average of ten minutes per business day on it, which produces some of our highest quality leads from any source.

Here’s the five best reasons you should invest time into growing your Alignable network.

1. Alignable Provides Extremely Intimate Networking Opportunities

Alignable is different from other professional networking platforms because it’s not huge — yet. 
Here are some of the distinct advantages that come from being on a newer platform:

  • It will be easier to find people looking for your services.
  • You’ll be able to develop more intimate relationships instead of spending all your time “growing a following.”
  • As the platform organically grows, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of participating early.

Because not everyone in my network is on Alignable, I’m able to build stronger relationships with those that are. Plus, I’ve met people from across the country who I never would have connected with on larger networking platforms due to the sheer number of accounts and profiles.

These connections came primarily from providing subject matter expertise on questions related to my field. After I comment, I’ll often get a new message from the person who asked the question. They’re either looking for more information or looking to schedule a consultation!

As you find new prospects on Alignable, you can connect with them like you would on other social media platforms. The only downside is that Alignable gives you a meager ten free connections per month. After that, you have to sign up for their premium plan to send more.

Despite being restricted to 10 connections, I’ve been able to grow my network quite effectively by simply putting those 10 to good use, getting involved in groups, and answering industry questions.

The day may come when I need to upgrade to a premium plan, but so far I haven’t seen the need.

2. Find Referral and Industry Partners With Ease on Alignable

Alignable has made it extremely easy to find both referral and industry partners.

Nothing is as powerful as having a strong network of people whose skills align — get it? — with yours. This is because, as your business grows, you’ll need to call upon their skills to help!

In our agency, I am constantly looking for partners with skill sets that complement what we do. By this, I’m able to offer services to our clients beyond what our in-house team can provide.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to find new connections:

By taking advantage of networking within and outside of your industry, you’ll be able to find new clients while also finding the skill sets needed to provide them the best service possible.

3. Grow Your Social Proof on Alignable with Recommendations and Referrals

Alignable provides two tools specifically for effective word of mouth marketing — Recommendation and Referrals. Let’s be honest, we all wish that more people in our network would simply share our name or email address with their connections. One of the things I love most about Alignable is that it makes it so easy for this to happen!

Alignable is huge on Recommendations. As you get more Recommendations, your social proof will improve, and it will become easier for you to engage with people about your services.

Testimonials on Alignable

Alignable also prominently positions both the Recommend and Refer options on your profile. 

Refer is exactly what you’d expect. You click the button and share a short referral intro to either someone on Alignable or to an email address from your contacts. This is amazing, because even if the recipient isn’t on Alignable yet, they can still receive the referral and get connected.

My friend Marilen has a well-designed profile and is also highly recommended. Now that’s how to use Alignable to grow your network and attract new clients!

4. Easily Showcase Your Services on Alignable to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Once people are attracted to your Alignable page, they can easily learn more about what you do. And as you’ll learn momentarily, how you show your services is highly customizable!

Power Marketing, an agency we collaborate with, has posted a long list of the services they provide to their ideal clients:

Show Your Services or Skills on Alignable

You can click on any service to read more details and even see photos/screenshots of that service. Plus, anyone can refer that specific service to someone they feel would benefit from it.

This is one area you definitely don’t want to slack on. Tell people what you do in as much detail as necessary to convey your value to them.

5. Alignable Has Tools to Help You Succeed

Finally, unlike many social media companies, Alignable provides a roadmap to help you grow your presence on their platform. Every day, there’s a success plan that updates with new things you can do to succeed:

Alignable Success Plan

As cool as that is, they also have a whole library of content that will help you maximize your results from using their service! 

Alignable Help Section

Alignable wants you to grow your network and expand using their platform. Because of this, they’re legitimately trying to help. 

What other platform are you on that does this without first asking for money each month?

How to Have a Robust Alignable Profile

There you have it — my top five reasons why being active on Alignable is worth your time each day.

I’ve found the best way to benefit from my Alignable presence is to take the following steps: 

  • Consistently post updates providing education, value, and call-to-actions, just like I do on LinkedIn or Facebook. 
  • Spend 10 minutes a day engaging with the posts on my feed and in the groups I’ve joined.
  • Always complete the Today’s Success Plan

When you follow these steps, your network will begin to grow, and people will begin to recognize you for the industry leader you are!

Keep It Social

Remember — the key to any social media platform is to be social.

So, have a good time, make some new friends, and provide value at every turn!

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