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The Digital Marketing Team for the Firearms, Hunting, and Outdoor Adventure Industries.

About Us - THe Coutts Agency

Hey there, if you like things that go “boom”, being on the water at sunrise, and stalking big bucks, then you can swipe right for your newest marketing partner! (please don’t die from laughter…)

I’m AJ, Founder & Chief Strategist. That’s a fancy way of saying I was crazy enough to decide I could make a business out of serving people in the industries I love. Hunting, Firearms, and the Outdoors are passions that have defined my entire life, and eventually I realized life would be better for everyone if I pursued turning what I live and breathe into something that helps other people too.

My Mission Statement:
To function as a Chief Marketing Officer for business owners looking to scale, providing aggressive strategy and concierge marketing service that exceeds all possible expectations.

Without boring you in the details, I took a giant leap of faith in 2020 that the side hustle I’d been building could become my life’s work – that I could help business owners who were struggling to achieve sustainable growth actually stop worrying about that and focus on bigger problems.

You see, since 2018 I’ve been doing marketing. First it was just for a Lifestyle brand (they’re STILL a client ♠), then I added a gun shop (they’re STILL a client, too 💥), and from there I just kept adding businesses that I loved to the roster.

My years of marketing have taught me two things that are worth mentioning here:

  1. Marketing is both Strategy and Implementation – my job is to strategize, pairing our client’s needs and budgets with the best solutions.

  2. I’m not very good at too many things – so I’ve surrounded myself with people better than me, who you’ll meet momentarily.

Let me introduce you to Mike Ratican!

When we took off on this journey, Mike picked up the phone and said a few simple words:

“I want to be involved. I have a blogging background and have built websites. How can I help?”

To be clear, Mike and I knew each other a little bit, but we certainly were closer to strangers than best friends at that point.

Long story short, Mike’s been with us since the beginning and has grown exponentially in that time. Today, he’s our Firearm’s Social Media Expert, responsible for ensuring our industry social media clients get growth on their pages within receiving the “ban hammer”.

He’s also our Chief Meme Officer, producing hilarious creatives that quite often goes viral on our client’s pages.

His industry experience and unique personal tastes are an asset to our company culture and our client’s success!

Being the firearms marketing manager has provided me with a unique opportunity to support the Second Amendment in one of the most effective manner: navigating around the algorithms of platforms that aim to suppress it.

– Mike

Next, you need to meet the @gunslinginhippy - Brogan Scotch.

I keep pushing him to grab that handle on Instagram, but for some reason he’s not diving into that persona feet first. Anyway, Brogan’s a trained writer, with a background in investigative journalism and blogging.

For almost two years Brogan wrote for us on nights and weekends, before joining full time in March of 2023. Today, he’s included in a number of our services, but each ones leverages his amazing ability to use words to compel people to take an action.

Brogan’s first real exposure to firearms, hunting, and outdoor recreation was when he started working on our projects, but he has since drank the Kool-aid, investing in his own firearms, training, and outdoor adventures!

Behind the camera or the keyboard, I’m passionate about capturing and creating quality content. My extensive experience working with clients in various industries, plus my background in journalism, gives me a versatile edge when approaching new marketing campaigns. Whether a digital marketing strategy needs written or visual content, I’m ready to get started on the creative process!

– Brogan

Other ROck Stars you may meet

You’ve met “my guys”, but that’s certainly not where the talent ends here!
Depending on the solution we provide for you, you may meet:

SEO & Digital Ads Solutions

Blake and his team, who create amazing SEO and Digital Ads solutions for our clients!

Website Design & Management

Curtis, from Rosler Web Design, who's our partner for many amazing website development projects.

Special Cases

Niko, Lily, Jennie, and a few others who provide their expertise to our clients in special circumstances.

Why choose The Coutts Agency team?

Now that you know who we are, you’re likely still asking yourself – “These seem like great people, but how do I know that we’ll be a good ‘fit'”?

I love that question, because it’s one that I ask myself in each prospective meeting I’m in.

This may help; these are the reasons our current client’s love working with us!

  1. Significant Industry Experience – In our personal lives we live and breathe the same things that we market all day about!

  2. Personalized Strategy – we get to know you and your business, before we start marketing. Ultimately, we want to be an extension of you, to your customers and audience.

  3. Expert Copywriting – the words in your marketing are what move people to action. Therefore, we put a large emphasis on making sure they’re just right!

4. Unparalleled Communication – it’s always easy to connect and communicate with me, and I’m open to using the channels that work best for you (text, email, phone, Zoom, etc.).

5. Clear Reporting – each month we’ll show you exactly what happened and how we’re using that data to adapt for the future. You’ll receive a PDF with analytical data, my notes on it, and then a 3-5 minute video explaining “what went well, what didn’t go well, and what we’re going to do about it.”

Ultimately, I embarked on this journey to provide a different life for my family. One where the “rules” don’t apply, and we can truly pursue our passions.

So – I’ll be honest – there will be some times where I won’t answer the phone because I am picking apples or exploring the world with my little ones.

However, the blessed life we’ve been given wouldn’t be possible without the amazing partnerships we’ve built with brands like yours.

I promise to still provide amazing service, to always reply promptly, and to make sure that my actions prove just how grateful I am for the benefits our partnership brings me.

Thank you.

AJ Coutts – Founder

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