The Digital Marketing Team that specializes in the Firearms and Home Building Industries!

In the Internet Age, consumers have all the power to research and make informed decisions before you even know they need your product or service.

If you’re ignoring the power of a strong digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out. There’s opportunity to become an industry leader by providing education and building trust through a process called Inbound Marketing!

To get the best results, you need a marketing team that’s experienced, connected, and passionate about your industry. That’s why we’re the perfect Marketing Partner for companies in the Firearms and Building Industries!


Why partner with The Coutts Agency?​

Our Mission Statement:

To function as a Strategic Marketing Team for business owners looking to scale, providing aggressive marketing strategy and concierge marketing service that exceeds all possible expectations.

Marketing Strategy & Execution for the Firearms Industry

Our Founder & President, AJ Coutts, is a lifelong firearms advocate and enthusiast. 
His passion, combined with our experienced team and industry knowledge, help us provide unrivaled results for companies in the firearms and outdoor industries!

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Inbound Marketing for the Building Industry

Our specialty is attracting and converting the building industry’s ideal client through a process called Inbound Marketing. Inbound is built on the philosophy of educating the customer before they purchase, so that when they’re ready you’ll be one of their top choices!

Learn more about how your building industry business will grow with  our Inbound Marketing strategies.

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"I LIKE him! I LIKE the way he communicates with my Customers. I LIKE the way he communicates with ME and I LIKE the results!"

Who is the coutts agency?

Founded by AJ and Tammy Coutts in 2018, today we’re supported by a strong team of specialized marketing experts.

Our passion for the firearms and building industries has lead us on an amazing journey to serve the industries we love most.

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Industry Resources

Digital Marketing For Firearms Companies

Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution for the Firearms Industry

Whether you’re involved with a firearms company, own a gun shop, or are interested in marketing relating to these topics, our Firearms Industry Marketing Resources are a great way to learn how to achieve marketing growth for your business.

The Ultimate guide to Internet Marketing for the Building Industry

Wondering what we do to help our Building Industry clients achieve marketing success? We wrote the book on how to effectively attract and convert ideal building-industry customers through internet marketing!

Satisfaction Is Everything

Your online presence matters, so you should be confident with who you’re entrusting it to.

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